Youth Group has re-started and is meeting the first and third Friday evening of each month!  For more information on a Youth Group at St. David's, contact



CGIT is a non-denominational Christian organization for girls in grades 7-12. This unique program was initially developed in 1915 and continues to provide girls today with a place to learn and share leadership skills, self care, social responsibility and caring for our world and humanity.

The CGIT Purpose:
As a Canadian Girl in Training,Under the leadership of Jesus
It is my Purpose to Cherish Health, Seek Truth, Know God and Serve Others
And thus with His help, become the girl God would have me be.

St. David's is super excited to have a CGIT group in Leduc with girls from Leduc and the
surrounding area! They meet every other Tuesday evening once our restrictions lift!

Contact Stephanie Swartz 780-920-3668 or



2nd Leduc (St. David's) Scouting Association, which has been a part of St. David's ministry for decades, has now merged with the 1st Leduc Scouting Assocation.

For more information, contact 780-986-2220.