Church Re-Opening

The Church Council has established protocols and guidelines for reopening the Sanctuary for Sunday worship. Check the "Church Service Procedures" item under Sermons and News for details (click link below).

Welcome to St. David's United!

Does your spirit need a boost? 

Are you looking to explore spirituality and faith in an open-minded church? 

Do you need a place to take refuge from the busyness of life?

Do you want a church where you will feel welcome even if you haven't been to church in a while (if ever)?

You are welcome.  You Belong.

  St. David's is a safe and welcoming space for people of all sexual orientations and gendre identities.

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We recognize that people have called this land home from long before any one of us took our first breath.   We pledge to live in right relations with all who share this land today: from its first peoples (like the plains cree and blackfoot nations of treaty six and the métis nations) to its most recent arrivals - by birth and voyage.    All of us are relatives - members of the one human family   Let us remember always - as it says in Genesis, chapter one: “God created humankind in the divine image … and it was very good.”


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