St. David's United Church is pleased to celebrate marriages for all couples who recognize the importance of the Christian faith and spirituality in their life and marriage.

The Church > The sanctuary is lined with colourful stained glass windows and seats about 220 people.

Planning the Wedding > Couples will meet with the St. David's Minister in the months prior to the wedding to discuss the details of their wedding service. The couple is encouraged to take an active role in deciding on the aspects of their wedding service.

Preparing for Marriage > St. David's requires that couples, choosing to be married through the church, take time to do some formal marriage preparation (either through an outside marriage preparation class or with St. David's minister, if offered). The costs of this preparation are in addition to the basic fees listed below.

Fees > The basic fee for the wedding service, the use of the church, the minister, an AV person, the organist and the caretaker is $900. $300 is due when the wedding is booked; the remainder is due closer to the wedding date.

Inclusively > This church believes that God's love is unconditional for all and that committed love can grow between couples regardless of their past relationship experiences. And so, the church welcomes divorced people, common law couples, couples with children, etc. to celebrate their weddings with St. David's. 

Couples of all gendre combinations are equally eligible to be married in the church and by the congregation's minister.