Welcome to St. David's United Church!

Serving the communities of Beaumont, Leduc and central Leduc County

Come As You Are

St. David's is a church made up of people of all ages and abilities. Some have been coming to this church for years and some are new to Leduc and/or The United Church.   

For some this whole church thing is new.

We are all welcome!

 St. David's is a safe and welcoming space for people of all sexual orientations and gendre identities and expressions.

Service Animals are welcome in church anytime!
St. David's is a welcoming, inclusive, modern christian community, where...
Everyone is loved by God.
The life and teachings of Jesus guide us still today.
In mystery, the Spirit comforts, leads and reminds us that we are never alone.
St. David's is located on the traditional lands of the Plains Cree and Blackfoot people of Treaty Six.  All of us (of indigenous and immigrant heritage) are parties to Treaty Six.  We seek to live in right relations with all who share this land today.

Contacting St. David's United

You can use this contact form to get a message to the church office.

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