We-Can Food Co-op

On the third Thursday of each month, St. David’s supports a food co-op. The idea is that people pre-order meat, vegetables etc. The cost is reduced because it is ordered in bulk and the types of food to be ordered each month is pre-set. People do not have to order every month. For information on how to join the food co-op, contact the church office. Anyone wishing to help with the sorting or distribution of the food can come to the Leduc and District Foodbank (4810-49 Ave) at 1:30pm on third Thursdays.

Mission & Service

The United Church of Canada supports various ministry and support endeavours throughout Canada and all over the world through partner organizations and churches. The means to this end is the Mission and Service Fund. Donations can be made through St. David’s. Click here for more information on the M&S Fund.

Donations for the Food Bank

St. David’s invites people are invited to bring donations of non-perishable food, which will be passed on to the Leduc and District Food Bank.  

Fall Food Drive

The Leduc and District Food Bank organize a community food drive for the first Monday in October.  

Thanksgiving Supper (re starting in Fall of 2022)

Since 2008, St. David's organizes a free supper on Thanksgiving Monday for anyone who would like to come. We work with the food bank to help us be sure to invite people who might need and appreciate this meal.   

Write for Rights Campaign

Each winter (around the beginning of December), St. David's provides information from Amnesty International about critical human rights situations around the world.  People in the church are given the opportunity to sign letters and petitions to express a desire for a more just world.  

Gifts for the Bissell Centre

Often in the weeks leading up to Christmas, St. David's collects practical gifts for the United Church's outreach ministry in Edmonton's inner city.

Potluck Music Outreach

"Potluck" is the name of a group of St. David's musicians who entertain at senior facilities in and around Leduc.  There are also opportunities to entertain at other community  events, as well as for St. David's church.  For more information contact Robin 780-986-6534 or Jim 780-986-3325.