This year my study leave included an audited course (from Wesley Seminary in Washington, DC.) to update my knowledge on Trauma Informed Ministry as well as a wonderful clergy reflection circle that meets 4 times a year.  Next up is an event called "Intercultural Adventure" taking place at the Korean United Church.  I get to be aapart of a panel discussion on the Holy Spirit!  

In 2023 my study leave will include an actual in person course in January!  I am thrilled to have been admitted into a certificate program for coaching congregation and clergy.  It will include online learning each month until June.  I also will again be part of a clergy reflection peer group, I have found these very spiritually nourishing.

This year my wider church work (what used to be made up of Presbytery and Conference meetings) will include IN person as well and online meetings.  I have been confirmed as a member of the General Council Manual Committee and go to national offices in October for my first meeting.

I continue to be the supervisor for Hillcrest United Church in Fort Nelson as they have a student minister working with them.  This work entails "going to" a Board meeting per month on Zoom.  I am a Northern Spirit Regional Council representative to the national United Church's General Council but we will have just a few online meetings over the next few years.  

Blessed be Autumn!