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St. David’s Landscape Maintenance and Spring Cleaning
May, 2022

Once again, it’s time for St. David’s to clean up the Memorial Garden and the yard around the church. If you can spare an hour or two to lend a hand, the Men’s Club would appreciate it.

Below is a list of the jobs to be done. If there is something you would like to do, please give Bob Brown a call at 780-986-6677.

West Side ~ South Side

  1. Weeds along building foundation and around mailbox - spray and trim as required monthly.  Non-chemical mix is used, with hand sprayers.
  2. Mower should be serviced - oil change, blades sharpened.  Bob will purchase and install a new battery.
  3. Lawn mowing - roster needed.  Mower instruction and key.  Bob will advise as read.
  4. Dandelion spraying of grass

Memorial Garden

  1. Prune suckers off shrubs.  
  2. Minor litter pick up.
  3. Hedge, caragana and lilac need major trimming.  We will need loppers, pruners and a truck.
  4. Willow (Heritage tree) - professional pruning of tree canopy.
  5. Maple by power pole removed ?

East End of Sanctuary

  1. Cones and needles under the spruce need to be raked and bagged up.

South Side ~ South West

  1. Minor pruning of shrubs and perennials.
  2. Beatrice Parker bed- pruning and weeding now and on going through the season.

Parking Lot

  1. Pavement Repair Crack Sealing
  2. Removal of Gravel