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Dear friends and family of St. David’s United,  

Vaccines and Covid-Grace 

I am excited to be getting my first shot of a vaccine this weekend.  However, I do so with several important reminders in mind: I can still get and pass on a Covid related virus, but much less likely.  Vaccines mean that if I get sick with a Covid variant or virus, I will feel much better, and need much less care than if I do not get the vaccine.  What could have been deadly, will be mild and short.   I also can be asymptomatic which means feeling great but still carrying the virus in my air droplets, and on my hands if I am not careful. This means I could give it to someone else, and that includes those vaccinated and those not vaccinated.  It could lead to serious disease! I get vaccinated to feel safer, to be healthier, and to be part of the solution to lowering restrictions.  I still must maintain my safe-keeping practices, at home and at work and at church.   Some people in our community of faith and in our surrounding committees are unable to get the vaccine due to underlying health conditions. 

I invite you to practice kindness and remember that you do not know their story, medical history or needs.  Please assume best intentions in others’ decisions, make your own and then practice handwashing, masking, and physical distancing.   

I encourage you to get vaccinated if you are able.  The more of us that can get vaccinated will help keep safer those unable to get vaccinated.

Sincerely, Rev. Leigh

From our Moderator, Right Rev. Richard Bott For those who say, "God protects me...," vaccines are one of the ways God does that. And I'll keep praying this prayer, as people around the world continue to be vaccinated. Feel free to join me. My God... bless the hands that hold the needle, as I give thanks for their care, bless all those who have brought this vaccine into being, and those who have gotten it from there to here; bless this body that begins the work, and bless the antibodies it produces, may they have long and lasting memory, to protect from COVID's harm. Thank you for the science and the medicine, thank you for the researchers, all; thank you for the gifts that have been given, may we make certain this gift is available to all the world - the great and the small. In the name of the Creator, in the presence of the Healing Christ, with the grace of the Holy Spirit, I pray. May it be so.