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Happy Summer one and all!  I hope you are enjoying the summer, and are keeping safe, both from COVID and this rather oppressive heat.  

At the June meeting of St. David’s Church Council, we made decisions about the church reopening.  Even though the province is opening up, we are taking a more cautious approach to re-opening, and all restrictions will remain, with some changes: 

  • masks are still required - our congregation likes to sing, and we need to make sure that we do so safely. 
  • hand sanitizing will still be expected, as will distancing
  • attendance capacity will rise to a maximum of 70 in the sanctuary, and 30 in the C.E. Wing
  • you will not have to signup to attend church services ahead of time.
  • mid-week groups can start, but will need to be masked and practice distancing  

In September, the Church Council will make decisions about the next steps to full reopening.  I know that some of you may think we are being overly cautious, but we all just want to be safe.  

Take care of yourselves, and each other.  Have a wonderful summer, and see you in Church!  

Janice Storeshaw
St. David’ s Church Council Chair