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To the Congregation of St. David's United Church

With the upswing in numbers of Covid-19 cases, Church Council made some decisions with regards to the COVID protocols.

  • We are now requiring everyone to book a spot for in-person attendance by using the online sign up website or phoning the church office 780-986-2085.  There will be NO drop-in attendance.
  • Church services will continue as they have been, with social distancing, masking and hand sanitizing.  Capacity limit for the sanctuary is 70 people; and for the C.E. Wing is 30.  There will be no coffee service after church.
  • If the City of Leduc COVID case numbers reach 250, the church will be closed for in-person Sunday service, and the service will only be online.
  • The church office will be closed for the next two weeks to protect our staff.  You can still contact Rev. Leigh by e-mail and messages on the office phone will be regularly checked.

St. David's congregation has done a great job in taking care of each other through this trying time.  We hope that these measures will continue to keep our congregation and employees healthy and safe.

Janice Storeshaw
Church Council Chair