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With Advent almost upon us we are continuing to grow in faith and in our abilities to share community.  

At the November meeting of St. David’s Church Council, we reviewed guidelines for churches and made decisions about how to continue with church reopening. We continue to try and balance inclusion, safety, choices and relationship building.


  •  Live stream worship service will be available every Sunday. Attendance for 'in person' worship service requires everyone to pre-book a spot by using the Signup website, or phoning the Church office.
  • Church services will continue as they have been, with social distancing, masking and hand sanitizing. Please stay home when sick.
  • Capacity limit for the Sanctuary is 70 people, and for the C.E. Wing is 30.   
  • Mid-week groups of support and care will continue to require masking, hand sanitizing, physical distancing and staying within the 1/3 capacity limits. (70 sanctuary; 30 CE Wing)

New Measures:

  • Mid-week groups can now carefully share food/coffee if they remain under the 1/3 capacity of the space they are using.  They will need to use very careful food handling techniques, limit kitchen use to 1-3 members and stay fully masked except when directly eating/drinking.
  • If any group desires to be over the 1/3 capacity, the hosting group needs to put the Restrictions Exemption Program in place and only have vaccinated people attend. 

In September, the Church Council also decided that if the Leduc case count is over 250 on a Saturday, we will only have online worship on the Sunday.  We have been blessed with low numbers so hopefully will not ever have to do that again!