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Worship Service for February 19, 2023
Leigh Sinclair
Leigh Sinclair
Sunday, February 19, 2023
Order of Service
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Prelude (Colin Bonneau)  
News and announcements 

Candle lighting
We pause.
We breath.
We are calling one another to prayer.
We light these candles to remember the One who calls us.
In their light, remember you are loved.
In their light, we remember God’s love for all.

Call to Worship 
This is the day that God has made!
Rejoice. Rejoice. Hallelujah!
This morning is God’s morning!
It is the morning we praise God in worship. 
It is the morning God will receive our confessions, our prayers, and our offerings.
 It is the morning we meet Jesus on the mountaintop. 
It is the morning we notice Moses travelling up the mountain to experience a special closeness with God.
God’s day, God’s guides in travelling – Moses and Jesus will show us the Way.

Opening Prayer 
This day is your day God of all time and seasons.
It is the day of Sabbath rest.
It is the day of renewal for the week of Christian service ahead.
It is a whole day in which you nourish us.
It reminds us that you bless each and every day between our Sabbath ones.
Come and transform our busyness and bustling into rest and stillness, just for one day.
For this morning, this day, this life, thank you God for it is all yours.

Opening Hymn:  VU 646 We Are Marching
Connection Time

Reading from Scripture:
Exodus 24: 12-19
Matthew 17:1-9

We respond:
In ages past, disciples, prophets, priests and historians wrote down their faith.  
This is a faithful witness of our ancestors.  
Word of God for us today.
Thanks be to God.

HYMN MV 154 Deep in Our Hearts


DOXOLOGY MV 85  Take me as I am
Offering prayer

Lord’s Prayer 
Hymn:   VU 578 As A Fire Is Meant for Burning

Commissioning and Benediction
The transformation Love brings has come to you this day.
We will let it transform our lives.
The voice of Love has been experienced here this day.
We will open our lives to receive it each day.
The Christ has been present on this mountain.
We will travel with Christ wherever our journeys may lead.

Post Service Slides
Postlude (Colin Bonneau)

Today’s prayers were written (or inspired by) Elaine Bidgood Sveet, Lori Van Santvoort-Jansekovich and Robin Wardlaw.  They are from Gathering (2023 Epiphany) and used with permission.