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Are you interested in expressing your faith through the ancient rites of baptism or confirmation?

Sessions are planned for the early afternoon on three Sundays this fall.


When a person who was baptized as a child reaches a point of maturity in their lives when they want to make their own profession of faith, they will "confirm" or renew the baptismal vows made on their behalf when they were younger.  The church offers special instruction and preparation for youth and adults who desire Confirmation.  While Baptism makes a person (even a child) a member of the Christian Church, Confirmation, often is the process for full or formal membership in a particular denomination.  In the United Church of Canada, Confirmation is the rite of full membership.  


Baptism can happen at any age.  Adult Baptism is performed for those who weren't baptized as children. The adult speaks for themself. They declares their Christian Faith and promises to grow in and practice the Christian Faith. Youth/Adults are baptized and confirmed at the same time.

 No need to pre-register, just show up on at the first session.  Bring a bible if you can.